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Why Have an Online Personal Trainer?

Considering An Online Personal Trainer? Heres Why I Think Its A Good Decision.

Advice & Knowledge

Usually online personal trainers are qualified to a high standard and with a reputable company ( I say usually, I cant account for all of them) which means they will have a pretty good understanding of what it takes for you to reach your goals – whatever they may be.

I personally, have veered off more into the nutrition side of health and wellbeing to aid my knowledge of exercise as I believe it plays more of an important part than just exercise alone. This is what I consider to be the most important factor in having an online personal trainer, not only dealing with your exercise sessions but advice on health issues, stressful situations and injuries can all help you over come the usual barriers that prevent you achieving optimal health and fitness.

Help To Keep Your Diet Exciting

Most people who have tried following an old school diet plan will understand the monotonous feeling when cooking chicken, rice and broccoli…again! This is where a good personal trainer should really assist you in not going off the rails in terms of discipline, rather than setting you exact weighted plain food the trainer should educate the client on how to manage macro nutrients (protein, carbs & fats) as well as allowing for the occasional treat.

I am currently building up my collection of recipes for clients so that deciding what to have for tea is convenient, healthy and satisfies the need for tasty food. Feel free to contribute to the recipe page if you have any good ones.
Exercise Plans

Pretty much the same theory behind keeping the diet fresh, making sure you aren’t de motivated when first entering the gym because you have a clear set out goal to achieve is vitally important. There’s nothing harder than thinking of a session off the top of your head when you are in the gym, and if you do manage it then actually keeping motivation to push yourself to maximum reps or intensity is even more painstaking. This is where your online personal trainer should write out a progressive plan, so when you enter the gym you know exactly what to do.

 Somebody To Answer To

It is proven to be the case that if you have clear goals in mind you are a lot more likely to achieve them, this is also the case when you have somebody to answer to – not in a strict “head teacher” kind of way, but an outside perspective makes it a lot harder to justify your indulgences or slack worth ethic that week.

Online personal training should always be light hearted and jovial with an understanding between the two parties that if one side isn’t performing then the working relationship shouldn’t continue. As they say the definition of stupid is expecting different results when carrying out the same routine – not that I would call anyone stupid (I’ll leave that for people to call me).


Lastly, the cost of an online personal trainer is a lot less than having a personal trainer face-to-face. Obviously you get what you pay for in the fact that; it is very hard to replicate the motivation gained in an exercise session when somebody is physically there motivating you. However I really believe that anybody looking to start out on a journey of fitness, health and nutrition should go down the route of an online personal trainer first before committing to hundreds or thousands of pounds in exercise sessions. The time it takes to achieve our goals will always be longer than “ideal” so don’t think by spending fortunes in a short amount of time can be a quick fix.

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