Gavin King.

Personal Trainer In Sheffield.

Need a Personal Trainer In Sheffield?

Personal training in Sheffield has really took off In the last 5 years. Due to it being one of the largest and most popular cities in the UK, Sheffield has attracted many people from all different nationalities and cultures. No matter the location the principles are still the same on my ethos of exercises and lifestyle. I stand by the fact that if you manage all aspects of your life including optimised health, mood, minimal stress levels and positive thinking you will motivate your self to exercise regularly. My job is simply to help you reach that end goal – I don’t believe you should rely on a personal trainer, it should be an education not just an hour session of gruelling exercise.

Together we WILL reach your goals.

No matter how many qualifications, how much experience or how hard I push you in a session the end responsibility is down to you. In my eyes if you enrol on a course of sessions with myself you will get there, we will work from the inside to make sure everything is performing as it should from gut health, thyroid checks (if needed), cortisol & hormone levels are balanced etc. Once the solid foundation is there only then can you think aesthically about what you want to achieve.

The Locations To Train In Sheffield


I do use local gyms within the Sheffield area so if you would like to be in the gym environment I can provide a session in a top facility in the area, I currently use the English Institute of Sport or a private gym within the Ecclesall Road area. But In my eyes there is too much focus placed on intensity of training for beginners when first enrolling with a personal trainer. The lack of emphasis on diet, movement and stress constantly frustrates me both from clients and trainers. If you are wanting to just train without changing much in the long run then you will soon become bored and stagnated in your exercise regime, constant freshness in approach keeps you excited and motivated. I usually travel to clients houses originally, to build up confidence, fitness and knowledge of what it takes before really increasing the training volume.

How can personal training & health coaching help you?

Everyone – including me – can benefit from someone else input on how to lead a healthier and more enjoyable life, there is no blueprint because everyone is different and find pleasure from a variety of hobbies and sports. We will find what you enjoy the most and tailor a plan specific to your goals and needs. Whether it is slimming down for a wedding (and staying slim unlike something like Weight Watchers), increasing performance in sport or general well being, if you are committed we will 100% achieve great results.


Not Just Personal Training.
£45 per week or £160 for a month.
1 x 45-60 minute exercise session at home or external facility
Full periodised workout plan changed every 8 weeks,
Health & Wellbeing nutrition plan for health including - hormone assesment, Gut health & Lifestyle changes
Aesthetic Diet plan for fat loss.
Monthly consultation via email or skype
Subscription to monthly cooking tips and recipes email.


Feel free to contact me and I will get straight back to you.