Gavin King.

Personal Trainer In Nottingham.

Not Just Personal Training.
£45 per week or £160 for a month.
1 x 45-60 minute exercise session at home or external facility
Full periodised workout plan changed every 8 weeks,
Health & Wellbeing nutrition plan for health including - hormone assesment, Gut health & Lifestyle changes
Aesthetic Diet plan for fat loss.
Monthly consultation via email or skype
Subscription to monthly cooking tips and recipes email.

Thinking Of Having A Personal Trainer In Nottingham?

Whether you have a particular goal in mind or would like to improve general health & lifestyle I can help. I love personal training and meeting new people on a day-to-day basis to talk about health, nutrition & exercise.

As much of a cliché as it is, you should feel amazing every single day – no exceptions! Dedicating a little bit your time a day to improve your general health, wellbeing and outlook on life is a great investment to be made and I hopefully will get the chance to show you some of the techniques that are proven to work.


Not Just Personal Training

I don’t tend to offer just one off personal training sessions and this is because the results from that format are terrible. There is no chance of the trainer influencing the client within a few one of sessions per month. I am by no means advocating that you need 5 sessions a week, you will definitely still see results even if you are having one session a month.

But, I provide an all round support service in which you will receive weekly emails and texts to inform me of your progress not just in exercise but your vitality and all round outlook. I will also change your nutrition plan every 4 weeks and exercise plan every 8 so you don’t get bored! You will also be able to keep up with the latest recipes I provide on my blog to find new ways of experimenting with health food.


Train at Home Or In A Gym in Nottingham

Whether you would like to train in the convenience of your own home or out into a separate private gym you will still see great results. Some clients chose to start in their own home whilst gaining confidence and fitness to then progress into a gym. Home sessions can be a great starter to introduce body weight exercises, cardio movements and core builders. Each session will be around 1 hour with 15 minutes allowed per session for warm up and cool down whilst talking about the next progressions in your diet.

Wherever you are in Nottingham feel free to contact me.