Gavin King.

Personal Trainer In Newark.

Not Just Personal Training.
£45 per week or £160 for a month.
1 x 45-60 minute exercise session at home or external facility
Full periodised workout plan changed every 8 weeks,
Health & Wellbeing nutrition plan for health including - hormone assesment, Gut health & Lifestyle changes
Aesthetic Diet plan for fat loss.
Monthly consultation via email or skype
Subscription to monthly cooking tips and recipes email.

Looking for a personal trainer in Newark?

Personal training in Newark is slowly becoming classed as a necessity rather than a luxury nowadays, which is great because a lot of the general public are now becoming healthier and fitter. I have over 6 years experience in the fitness industry qualifying with one of the top providers in Premier Training. I do believe qualifications and courses make a difference, however I think life experience teaches you the most especially with health & fitness.
I like to train clients that want to make a difference to their whole lifestyle and not just aesthetic goals – because these will follow naturally if you are managing everything else correctly. Setting small achievable goals for weight loss, muscle building, mood and stress can really improve your lifestyle in a short space of time.

No gym? No problem!

In my eyes there is too much focus placed on intensity of training for beginners when first enrolling with a personal trainer. The lack of emphasis on diet, movement and stress constantly frustrates me both from clients and trainers. If a client seriously believes that the 1, 2 or 3 hours training they put in can “paper over the cracks” of a poorly managed lifestyle then training with me isn’t the right move.

Hence why I usually travel to clients houses originally, to build up confidence, fitness and knowledge of what it takes before really increasing the training volume.

How can personal training & health coaching help you?

Everyone – including me – can benefit from someone else input on how to lead a healthier and more enjoyable life, there is no blueprint because everyone is different and find pleasure from a variety of hobbies and sports. We will find what you enjoy the most and tailor a plan specific to your goals and needs. Whether it is slimming down for a wedding (and staying slim unlike something like Weight Watchers), increasing performance in sport or general well being, if you are committed we will 100% achieve great results.

Feel free to contact me through the email contact form and I will get straight back to you.