Gavin King.

Personal Trainer In Chesterfield

Not Just Personal Training.
£45 per week or £160 for a month.
1 x 45-60 minute exercise session at home or external facility
Full periodised workout plan changed every 8 weeks,
Health & Wellbeing nutrition plan for health including - hormone assesment, Gut health & Lifestyle changes
Aesthetic Diet plan for fat loss.
Monthly consultation via email or skype
Subscription to monthly cooking tips and recipes email.

Chesterfield Personal Training

We have specialist trainers based in Chesterfield for fat loss, muscle gain and endurance athletes for higher performance. Our personal trainers range from health & wellbeing coaches like myself to ex-professional footballers with a great knowledge of what it takes to reach optimal fitness. Using our approach of an all round lifestyle improvement, not just a simple stand along session we have generated great results.

Have peace of mind knowing that all our trainers are highly qualified not just in qualification but life experiences dealing with all types of clients wanting different things. Along with this we have a great belief in positive mind-sets and stress management techniques to improve your current way of looking at exercise and nutrition – you wont be disappointed.

Reach Your Maximum Health

Personal training shouldn’t just be about aesthetic goals, it should be centered around making sure you take control of your lifestyle, nutrition and outlook to enjoy exercising. The results rate I and the trainers I choose to work with generate are far greater than just “1 stone in a month” of fat loss, I don’t believe this takes into account how difficult it was for the client to sustain the commitment to diet, exercise regime and rushed lifestyle needed to achieve this result.

Train at Home Or At A Gym

In Chesterfield we can provide personal training sessions at home; which usually we recommend for early starters. Or come to our facility in which there are plenty of machines, free weights and cardio equipment. Whichever choice you make we will make sure you reach the goals you are looking for, we are that confident if you do not make any progress or more importantly enjoy one of our packages you can receive your money back in full.

If you would like to contact me in person follow this link or have a look around the website at the blog or online personal training packages.