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9 Natural Remedies For Prostatitis

How To Relieve Symptoms Of Prostatitis Naturally.


Prostatitis can be an awful illness to have especially when most cases are due to Chronic Pelvic Pain/CPPS. I myself have experienced this and still find myself battling against it on days of immense pressure or stress. I genuinely don’t think there is enough information given by GP’s on this matter as they don’t concentrate on the psychological factors which influence an illness and muscle tension it is simply black and white infection or no infection. Here are 9 natural remedies which help me on a day to day basis:

1) Water

Drinking water is key to flushing out the urinary tract of bacteria and decreasing the inflammation in the prostate. Consuming around 10 cups of water a day depending on gender and size should be enough. Always try and make sure your water is detoxified of any heavy metals usually found in tap water such as fluoride.

2) Turmeric

Turmeric contains Curcumin which is one of the most powerful natural anti inflammatory remedies out there. Useful for just about any other illness out there turmeric can provide the perfect anti-toxin herb which will help with prostatitis.

3) Baking Soda

Also known as sodium bicarbonate and not to be confused with baking powder, baking soda has been using for many years for clearing out numerous infections. 1 tbsp in clean, filtered water can greatly improve the symptoms of prostatitis and help alleviate infections that may have spread to the kidneys. Out of all the remedies I found this to be the most useful.

4) Lycopene

Found in tomatoes, red berries, guavas and many other foods, Lycopene has been found to significantly improve prostatitis when consumed over sustained periods of time. The lycopene content greatly improves in tomatoes when cooked.

5) Horsetail

Also known as bottle brush Horsetail is used when treating UTI’s and prostatitis, well know for its strong properties for preventing the irritation of urinary problems. It shouldn’t be used as a long term alternative as constant use can cause potassium deficiency.

6) Juicing

Vegetable and fruit juicing can be beneficial to most whatever the problem or even if there isn’t a noticeable problem originally. Vitamin A and more specifically Beta-Carotene has shown to help with prostatitis so I recommend carrot juicing every morning. Other great vegetables include spinach, broccoli and beetroot.

7) Green Tea

The antioxidants in green tea are well documented now the point where anyone who is thinking of going on a diet immediately starts drinking copious amounts of the stuff without realising there is actually quite a high caffeine content in each cup. However, green tea in moderation or decaf green tea can be highly beneficial to prostate problems due to the bioflavonoid content.

8) Quercetin & Bee Pollen

I have tried this combination myself and can vouch for how effective it is, quercetin is another bioflavonoid which has great anti-histamine properties along with bee pollen which now is starting to pick up recognition of its anti-inflammatory effects make a potent duo.

9) Relaxation

Lastly but by no means least, infact this should be the top priority for anyone looking to over come any infection. Stress causes all sorts of imbalances within our bodies so that when our immune system comes to fight any infection it isn’t performing optimally. Paired with the fact a lot of prostatitis issues are highly linked with CPPS which is a stress induced condition (see the book “A Headache In The Pelvis”), relaxation has to be the number one priority.

I hope this article has helped you in any way, please if you have time to share it on the social media sites below I would be grateful or email me if you have any questions.