Gavin King.

Marketing For Fitness Professionals & Personal Trainers

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Nowadays Social media platforms like Twitter & Instagram are full of health professionals – some doing a really good job and some not so. But the point is that the ones who advertise the most and consistently post great content and pictures (whether they are a true 6 week transformation or not) receive more customers and with my background in both the fitness industry and marketing it had me thinking.

Why isn’t there more advertising and marketing support for fitness professionals?

The answer in short is that your usual digital marketing agencies aren’t renound for being the most outgoing, approachable and healthy types. So when asking them to relate to PT’s on how they want to push their brand they haven’t really got the knowledge on what really gains personal trainers exposure to new clients. My perspective is that if you are anything from a sports masseuse, personal trainer to a blog writer, you need to identify what kind of picture you want to paint of yourself to the mass market.


Areas I specialise In -

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)


How can SEO help you?

Search Engine Optimisation helps drive traffic to your site either locally or nationally. This happens when a potential client searches for a particular phrase in a search engine and your website is page 1 for them to click on. In the fitness industry it can be very cost effective to rank for your search term locally as there won’t be much competition for little villages and towns.

What does SEO entail?

Nowadays SEO is a natural by product of good solid advertising which naturally generates backlinks and boosts you up the rankings in Google. It is becoming even more tricky by the day to comply within Google’s algorithms (rules) so making a silly mistake such as buying links or instructing a cheap SEO “guru” may cost your website dearly. I have my own Internet Marketing company who deals in nothing but SEO so you can be assured our practises will keep your website safe from any penalty.

Website Design.

It is crucial fitness professionals or any business to have a website, even if it is just as a “shop window” for current clients. Websites are reference points when people want to find you or pass somebody your way. I have designed many websites not just in the fitness industry (including my own) they all I believe are clean and sleek with out being too expensive. Prices for a full 5 page website are around £495.


Using engaging content for readers and fellow bloggers I the way the internet is moving forwards, and I think I can speak on behalf of many others to say its a breath of fresh air reading new ideas and concepts without detrimental opinions being cast. I love to write about the health & fitness industry and with the write tips I can show you how to successfully as well or just be on hand when you need an informative article whipped up for your readers.

Social Media Management & Advice

I reiterate how important social media has become not only in the fitness industry but for all companies no matter how large or small. It is a perfect opportunity to outreach to the end user and vice versa. Twitter & Instagram are particularly useful when building a good client base or following, I can show you how to optimise all of your social media platforms to increase sales instantly or if needed I can take care of all aspects so you can concentrate on what you are good at!