Gavin King.

About Me


Through dealing with my own chronic illnesses naturally, my passion now lies in helping with others overcome issues that bog them down of feeling good everyday.

Nutrition and Supplementation For Better Health

More and more people are looking into food and its relationships with how the body works. Our diets over the last 30/40 years have been based around convenience rather than the nutrition it actually gives us.

“Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food” Hippocrates said this thousands of years ago, but we are only just realising the actual power of food for our health, state of mind and vitality. I will help guide you through a positive nutrition plan and lifestyle change to improve your health, performance and overall wellbeing.

Eating well for a specific problem or reason doesn’t have to be bland, plain and boring I will assist you in finding and creating recipes for your specific target in mind.