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6 Reasons Why SEO and Dieting Are The Same.

How The Same Thought Processes Can Be Applied In Both Dieting & SEO

Now that may seem like a very strange statement to make and im sure a lot of people will skip over that title because they think I am some kind of estranged lunatic just trying to receive a bit of attention.

However, with having a digital marketing company Concept Creations as well as a background in health & nutrition I came across a similiar pattern when looking at SEO as well as dieting. And the sentence which might make a bit more sense to this article is “everything in moderation”. Hopefully now the penny has dropped on the theme this article is taking.

1. There is no quick fix.

For a long time there has been a lot of speculation on how to increase your search engine rankings naturally and at a fast pace, which a lot of company owners and digital marketers alike have now come to the realisation this is a very painstaking task and even in some cases has detrimental effects i.e “black hat SEO”. For you to be in the top 10 of the organic searches you need to be using organic tactics to get yours and your companies brand across the web. “No Quick Fix” seems to be a big saying in nutrition and health also, with diets such as atkins, slim fast and Herbalife all taking a lot of criticism over the last few years.

2. The Quickest Results Usually Dont Last Very Long.

Now we have all seen the fad diets and ridiculous nutritional programmes people endur to lose weight to fit into that wedding dress, but what happens once that wedding is over? The weight returns and usually with a couple more pounds for good luck. This analogy is similiar to gaining extremely quick results in the search engines, if you are looking at ranking your website for a tough keyword in the first month or two months then be aware of the consequences that may follow. Google are becoming ever stricter on SEO tactics such as automated backlink tools, spammy directory submissions & un natural guest posts.

3. Hard Work And Consistency Will Pay Off

The key to a successful marketing campaign is dedication, consistency and a bit of hard graft. You will get out exactly what you put into the campaign, so if you are constantly posting great content, engaging with potential customers or presenting your brand in a great way you will reap the rewards. It is self-explanatory how hard work and consistency is a major part of dieting with goal setting being a huge factor in any succesful campaign with commitment and a strong willed mind following those goals through.

4. Everything In Moderation

As for cliche sayings there is none more so than “everything in moderation” or “Little and often” but they are so true in both nutrition and search engine campaigns. This is where I start the very unusual comparison of fats and backlinks. Fats are seen as detrimental to our weight loss goals but infact it couldnt be further from the truth, the key is to have good quality fats such as (Avacados, Nuts, Olive Oil etc) and dont over indulge (Visit Ben Coombers Podcast For More In Depth Knowledge Than Mine). The same thought process can be applied to backlinks which have gained an extremely bad reputation over the last couple of years, but placed correctly high quality relevant backlinks can enhance your SEO campaign dramtically.

5. Ask For Others Advice

Pride and confidence are two very good traits in succesful characters but both have their place. Realising that you do not know everything even when you have researched diet every night for the last two years or have been in digital marketing for over 30 years there is always somebody who is a different and sometimes valid point. We sometimes need to swallow our pride and use the words “I need your help” after all if you dont receive any useful information off the person you have asked, what have you lost?

6. Stay Fresh And Enjoy The Process.

Definitely the most important step of any succesful goal completion is enjoying the process. In digital marketing we have a very unique opportunity to socialise across many different platforms around the world, so dont be scared and engage with fellow social media users. And Im sure everyone has also got to the point when going to the gym or eating that salad feels like a chore, this is why keeping your day-to-day activities fresh will stop you reaching “the plateau” both in nutrition and marketing.

Hopefully by the end of this post you can see the similarities between the two, please share and help everyone be healthy.